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Chapter 1.  Light and Darkness

Chapter 1: Light and Darkness

What follows is a series of experiences that I had over the course of a few years while using an over-the-counter legal substance which (above a certain dosage) can cause dissociation.  I decided not to name it when writing about my experiences because of the side effects it can cause; even though I researched it thoroughly beforehand, some of them I didn’t find out about until I already had them. I did know that the drug caused panic attacks in some users, which to an inexperienced person feels like a heart attack; the literature I read suggested that quite a few people using this medication end up in the emergency room just from the accelerated heartbeat they experience on it. Worse, I eventually developed a blurry spot in the center of my vision in both eyes, something that is the result of damage caused by the pupil-dilating effects of using the medicine and by my not taking appropriate caution to keep my eyes covered while I was under the influence of it.
I was several years into periodic usage of this substance when I was told during a routine physical that my liver and spleen were enlarged. I also became allergic to it to the point where I had a histamine reaction after taking it, which caused me to have to use an antihistamine before using it to keep my hands from swelling up and having my body itch all over. All of this together encouraged me to cease using it; during my last usage on the day of the solar eclipse in the summer of 2017, Jesus Christ, with whom I interacted repeatedly and consistently during this period, directly requested I never use it again.
I had begun using this drug periodically for anxiety after going through the ringer with prescribed psychiatric medications for depression and anxiety, with the side effects from those drugs ranging from annoying to bizarre to downright terrifying. When I initially wrote this book, which was originally titled “Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ”, this chapter was dedicated to a laundry list of those prescribed drugs and the side effects they caused me to have, but I now feel it is better dedicated to making corrections to the first version of this book. After having stopped my use of the medicine completely, and therefore being clean of all substances, I had a ‘descent into hell’ starting in January of 2018, which was like a waking dream consisting of CEV’s, or closed eye visualizations.
This experience broadened my knowledge about the nature of the hell realms, which I had written about in the first incarnation of this book, and I found I had been wrong about the nature of the consciousness we refer to as ‘satan’ or ‘the devil’. I found out that the spiritual remnant of the moon, the remains of a destroyed former planet, is not the totality of that consciousness, as I had stated in the first version of this writing, but that the hells consist of many, many dark astronomical consciousnesses. I can’t identify any of them conclusively besides that of the spiritual remnant of the moon, but it is clear that they have been imprisoned in hell by God for one reason or another, and that they seek to do harm to humanity and other living beings in any way that they can.
I am remorseful that I put the first book out with this mistake, but my knowledge at the time was limited to my trips into hell in the body of Christ, where I was completely safe and used by him as an example to other souls that forgiveness is possible, based on his having forgiven my deplorable actions from a past life. After my later experiences, in which I was not protected in the same way, I began to understand more about that arena and how threatening it is to humanity. It is utter darkness and completely devoid of love, and therefore threatening to any soul that ends up there. The lower one descends, the darker it gets, and probably the less likely one will be able to exit. I learned that some souls fall into the hell realms from heaven because of lack of self-forgiveness for actions they committed during their lives. I don’t understand all I saw and don’t know if all souls get a chance to exit, or if only some do. I had a certainty when I wrote the first version of this book between August and October of 2017 that I lack now, and I have since revised this work, being much more careful about what I state conclusively.
I also feel like I was intellectualizing to a great extent in the first version about all the mythology that I had read about, and I cut a lot of that content out. As I have continued on my spiritual journey it has become increasingly clear to me that humanity is in a dire mess in terms of Christ’s ability to continue to love and support us with so much darkness and worship of darkness on Earth right now. It has been shown to me in brief visions that both God and Christ are in a lot of pain right now in terms of the direction humanity is traveling, away from belief in their divinity and towards atheism and secularism. Jesus in particular is in great pain about the worship of darkness that causes the dark spiritual entities to gain greater power over Earth. I found Jesus and the Sun, our star, to be one and the same in my experiences, though I do not know conclusively if the Sun is the totality of Christ or part of his body somehow. My experience on the eclipse of the summer of 2017 was so overwhelmingly negative that it became clear to me that solar eclipses are extremely devastating to the Christ consciousness, and that glorification or celebration of eclipses of any kind should be
avoided at all costs.
It is clear to me now that the light coming from our star is Holy Light, that not only lights our planet but drapes us in the Holy Love of Christ day in and day out. It is a sort of spiritual protection by which Jesus Christ protects planet Earth and all her inhabitants. The Sun has a heliosphere which protects the entire solar system from harmful radiation from outer space, and this is yet another way his love and light protects humanity. It seems that light and love are the same in the spirit world; perhaps it is the high vibration of light, which is numbered at 400 trillion vibrations per second, that equates with love in the spirit world. I don’t know much about the mathematical nature of these qualities, only that Christ’s Holy Light is protective of Earth, and in return for this protection, Christ wants and needs to be loved in return. It seems this love from humanity is becoming insufficient, at least from what I have been shown, due to humanity being distracted by materialism, and also due to humanity turning back to worship of dark entities in disguise (such as trendy occult religions which revere dark spiritual consciousnesses, though the practitioners may be completely unaware of the nature of what they are worshiping).
It is imperative that human beings regain our reverence of the Christ consciousness, at least part of which is the Sun and the light coming from the Sun. We need to turn ourselves away from darkness and toward the Light of Christ again in every way that we can. One thing the Father God has expressed to me is that “time is short”; I don’t know how long that is in God’s years, but it was made clear to me that dark spiritual forces are doing everything they can to overrun the positive, loving nature of Christ, whose body contains the Sun and the Light emanating from it.
Most of the time we take the daytime and sunlight for granted, and things like moon phases and eclipses may seem somehow exotic and interesting to us. However, the moon has no light and can only reflect, and astronomic bodies that have no light have nowhere near the loving nature of our star, apparently; though some are benevolent, many are not. It is a mistake to worship any planet or planetary satellite, from what I have learned. I mention the planet Venus in this book; I have thought it might be Venus that is the recurring female voice that I heard both while on the legal substance and after I quit using it, but she is not to be worshipped. The female voice acted as a helper to God and Christ in the time I was using the substance, but I am not even sure this is the voice of Venus or some other heavenly female consciousness.
I only know that Christ and God are in charge of things, loving humanity and seeking to guide us during our soul’s journey on this planet, hopefully back to the heavenly realms to be with them after we pass from this life. They are the guides that humanity should seek to follow, and we need to turn away from all others, and from the reverence of the moon and observation of events like solar and lunar eclipses, which cut off the light of Christ and therefore endanger all life on Earth as negative spiritual consciousnesses swarm in to fill the void left by the absence of Christ’s Holy Light. God made it clear to me again and again that this is a very dangerous time for humanity, and that we need to be careful to love and appreciate Jesus Christ and his Holy Light, and testify to others of our experiences with him so that humanity does not fall into a void of spiritual darkness and cause Christ to withdraw his protection from Earth.

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